Christmas is over…what now?

The excitement has been and gone and today I took our tree down (please don’t hate…aha!). We spend months and months prepping for one day and then boom it’s gone.

As a mom I appreciate the magic Christmas brings, the smile it puts on my sons face and the feeling I have when I see him happy, but after all the prepping, buying, hosting, cooking and fighting over the last packet of sage and onion in Aldi it can sometimes actually take over your life for a few months. Do you agree?

So although I feel a sense of sadness taking the Christmas decorations down, I also have a sense of relief that it’s over for another year, which is why I think between Christmas and New Year I take everything down, now I’m not a grinch in the slightest, but I like the sense of being ready for the new year ahead without having to drag Christmas along with it that little longer.

We spend so much money and time thinking about what present Uncle Bob would like (even though we only see them twice a year) and spending too much time in the Card Factory picking out 100 cards for your friends and family and not forgetting your Nan’s cousins sister in-laws daughter and then stressing about everything that comes with wrapping a present – the paper, tag, ribbon, bow, bag and the stuff that sticks it together. Jeez no wonder we feel relief when it’s over.

Christmas is a wonderful time don’t get me wrong, but I’m ready to carry on life as it was 2-3 months ago. A bit of organisation, less stress and routine until next time!

What are your thoughts? Do you find Christmas stressful or do you love the hustle and bustle?

11 thoughts on “Christmas is over…what now?

  1. I find Christmas time depressing. I often see people barge past people to grab the last jar of pickled onions. I see people filling up 2 trolleys of food in the supermarket yet the stores only close for one day. I see such waste with food and people buying gifts that will be unwanted. Those gifts you only see at christmas time, the box containing a small bottle of whisky, a glass and 2 choccies. A pressie for someone you hardly really know or you’d know exactly what to get them. My wife has mental illness, she had cancer. I’m a full time carer. We get benefits to live on and i’m grateful for that. I am frugal and careful. But benefits does not pay for excess, treats or holidays. Thats right i guess but then again why shouldn’t i ever be able to afford a holiday or treats? My dreams and hopes where dashed when my wife got ill. For doing the right thing i am treated like a 2nd class citizen. I am not allowed savings or my benefts are stopped or reduced so i can never save for a new car to take my wife out for day trips to the coast. We don’t buy pressies, we upgrade our biscuits to a posh box and buy some Thorntons toffee. Its a normal day for us. We don’t have children and children make christmas. We have no visitors or go to parties. I do comps as christmas time is big comp time with companies, i try to win us a few treats. I dont do social media, it hurts to see so many people put up pics of the pressies piled under the tree, the parties or the trips to Rome or Paris. Its a depressing time when you sit in a room alone and your partner in another room watching soaps. No footie, nothing open to go along to, you avoid people as you have to kep faking a smile and wishing everyone a happy christmas. For many christmas only starts at 5pm on christmas eve, when they have their shopping done, food shopping done and alcohol bought, then ‘hey happy christmas’. I can’t wait for everything to get back to normal.


    1. Having said what i said above, i do wish others had a lovely Christmas. It’s just a difficult time of the year when you can’t afford or can’t take part in Christmas festivities as friends have drifted away, your wife’s illness which is schizophenia, due to brain cancer 20 years ago which she survived also means she finds it difficult to take part and for others to accept her issues. In the past we i spent Christmas in Jerusalem and had family Christmasses. It’s just circumstances and there’s too much time over the holidays to remember sad times, to feel left out and although i love social media. This medium can torment you as you believe everyone else is having a ball except you. So i hope those who could have a great Christmas did so and i wish everyone has a very happy and healthy new year.


  2. I am not a big fan of Christmas however I don’t push that view on others. I only really celebrate it for my children and great nieces and nephews. However I do enjoy the buzz of the high street and markets. I love walking around and taking it in while I enjoy a coffee.
    My heart goes out to Ian, his story sounds hard xx


    1. I definitely enjoy it more now I have my son! And I agree, I love the buzz at Christmas, it’s everywhere you go! His story really touched me, such a shame he and his wife are going through a tough time 😢 especially around Christmas and when it’s in your face all the time it must be hard 😞


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