9 things we hate doing around the house

As I write this I guarantee within 30 seconds you’ll have at least one thing in your mind you hate doing around the house that gets right up your nose. It’s something that puts you in a bad mood or you put it off for absolute ages until you can’t take it anymore.

Before I had my own house it didn’t really matter to me what food I had in the house, if my clothes were scattered across the floor or even if my room was vacuumed enough. But having my own house and the responsibilities that came with it changed that mindset almost instantly. I was a little naive when it came to keeping everything clean, stocking up on the essentials each week and keeping everything maintained… let alone remembering and affording to pay bills.

“Our old neighbour used to trim our hedge, because he knew how much we hated it and let’s be honest how rubbish we was at it!”

Throw a toddler into the works and that once clean and maintained home is no longer the prime concern. Half the time we don’t even get time to do most of the jobs around the house, let alone enjoy doing them.

“I love a roast dinner, but I don’t love the huge amount of work it requires.”

So here are the 9 things we hate doing around the house, can you relate?

Cleaning the dreaded loo

Definitely number one on my list, if I can get out of it, I will. With three toilets to keep clean it’s a job I just wished cleaned itself. Even the thought of it turns my stomach…not including the time it takes!


What a burden. No thank you! can’t be arsed, life’s to short, and I won’t buy clothes that look like they will require ironing. I know – excuses, excuses, but I’ve used them all to get out of this vile task.

Duvet cover

This is my worst nightmare so I call it a ‘Bob job’. I don’t think I have ever done it. It is one of those jobs that I just find distorting and claustrophobic. I used to think about getting stuck in there and not finding my way out – this has obviously scarred me for life 🤷🏻‍♀️

Cleaning the oven

Another ‘Bob job’ that I have never done 🤣 I just don’t get it. How does it get so dirty when everything is cooked in pots or covered up. It feels like one of those jobs that just creep back up on you when you least expect it.

Mowing the lawn

I don’t have grass in my back garden as we have fake grass (posh ay). In our old house the arguments we used to have about who’s turn it is to cut the lawn was unreal. We were that bad with the gardening our old neighbour used to trim our hedge because he knew how much we hated it and let’s be honest how rubbish we was at it 🤣 now we just look bonkers vacuuming our posh ‘grass’.

Putting freshly washed clothes away

This is one of them jobs where you just really don’t see the point. Other than it looks tidy and it has its place. There are three of us who live in this house (OK four with the dog) and you’d think there was 10 – I just don’t understand where all the washing comes from and why it just keeps coming back!

Picking up dog poop 💩

Having a dog is like having another toddler and Boe poops more than any other dog I know…sometimes up to 5 times a day. But I have to admit that this is another ‘Bob job’.

Washing up

Some find this quite therapeutic, but for me I find it boring and not to mention gut-churning. Soggy food and dish water just make me vom 🤢 thank goodness the dishwasher was invented.

Making a roast

I love a roast dinner, but I don’t love the huge amount of work it requires. You end up using every piece of kitchen equipment you own from saucepans to measuring jugs to colanders and cutlery and then we’re back to square one with the cleaning 😫

So there we have it, 9 things in the house I think some of you would be able to relate to. I’m not lazy (honest!) I just don’t think we’re made for the chores that succumb us and sometimes it’s ok to leave that extra pile of washing for a few more days or leave the oven for another week. There are more important things we could be doing after all!

Let me know what you hate doing in the house!

15 thoughts on “9 things we hate doing around the house

  1. Putting away the ironing is a pet hate for me! knowing all the hard work from ironing will soon be ready for washing & ironing all over again! 😂


  2. I agree to almost all of your points. I hate ironing and never do it anymore ha! Unless I’m going to a party or somewhere super formal. I love cooking/baking but hate the washing dishes part as well! Thank God for dishwashers in the USA. It has saved us a huge amount of time.


  3. I don’t mind all the cleaning and duvet work but I hate cooking anything. I’d live off cereal and toast if I lived on my own but I don’t. I can’t stand the pans, plates and mess it makes


  4. Ha ha, I love this post, it really made me laugh. There are plenty of chores I hate doing around the house, with cleaning the bathroom as item #1. I don’t have a lawn since my husband and I live in an apartment, but my sister does, and she just got the grass replaced with astro-turf. I’ve been making fun of her for her fake grass, but now that I’m looking at it from a different angle (you never have to mow it!!!) maybe I’m completely wrong about it, lol. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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